1 Intel ou 2 AMD's? É o preço dos DELL's

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Sim, sim, antes que alguem reclame aqui. o beneficio dos AMD caem por terra a partir dos x2 4200, mas o que vc prefere? Um Intel ou 2 AMD's?


Dell AMD boxes vastly cheaper than Intel

How about a 3800+ for half a E6300

IT LOOKS LIKE Dell is playing AMD as the value line for its new Dimension PCs we told you about last week.

What we didn't know at the time was how much of a value they would be, it turns out to be quite a lot. If Dell shoppers are as dum^h^h^h value conscious as they are portrayed to be, then AMD is in really good shape.

How good a deal are they? How about the cheapest AMD Dimension E521 (AMD) for less than half of the cheapest Core 2 Duo Squared The Revenge, far less. How about almost half of the cheapest PD? If you hunt long and hard you will eventually find the raw config pages, not the shiny bundle pages, and that is where the interesting stuff is.

Those pages are not flagged with bright orange 'More value with AMD' labels, but the message is not lost. On those shiny ones, you can get an AMD box for about $200 less than Intel. When you look at the raw config pages, AMD here and Intel here, you can find the true prices. The cheapest I could make an AMD based box was $279, that is a Sempr0n 3400+, lose the modem, monitor and speakers while dropping RAM to 512MB. Upping the CPU to an X2 3800+ brings the total to $359. Hardly a screamer, but quite a workable office machine even with the Sempr0n.

On Intel, you can only go as low as $379 for the same config as AMD, but with a Celeron D 346. Upgrading to a PD 805 or a Core 2 Duo II ^2 E6300 will bring you to $559 and $759 respectively.

The lowest end Intel box is almost 50% more than the cheapest AMD, and the cheapest dual core machines are at a similar premium. The cheapest 2 Core 2 the Second is notably more than twice the cheapest AMD dual core. These are not trivial differences.

While the Intel Core II boxes might be faster, you can get 2 AMD boxes for the price of one Intel, and when you are outfitting 1000 employees, that is a big deal. Intel may have the faster box by a wide margin, but I fail to see how a computer that waits longer for you to type is important to the average worker.

All in all, I think the AMD based Dells are a very attractive proposition. For the vast majority of people out there, the extra money saved is well worth it, I can see why Dell went AMD now. This is going to be a very interesting Christmas season with prices like these, AMD will do very well indeed.

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