Ajuda com uma CoolerMaster extreme 550w


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Galera tenho essa fonte ligada a uma ecs 8200 A com um processador AMD 7750BE uma VGA XFX HD4870 xxx de 512 um pente de memo OCZ 2gb 800Mhz meu gabinete tem 2 coolers de 80mm um na traseira e um colorido na lateral, gostaria de saber se minha fonte aguenta tranquilo essa configuraçao pq ontem o tecnico q colocou minha Vga falou q a fonte esta no limite ja q a 4870 tem 2 coneccoes de energia de 6 pinos e entao por isso desligou o cooler do meu gabinete, ela guenta tranquilo ou o tecnico ta certo e ela ta no limite. Outra duvida tb q nao seria nessa area mas aproveitando o topico o cooler da VGA ficou em cima do dissipador do chipset da placa mae e sgundo o everest a temperatura do mcp da placa esta em 92º, alguem sabe o q eu poderia fazer pra diminuir a temperatura???

Abraços a todos


Aguenta tranquilo...

A minha de 460watts está aguentando normal aqui.



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A Cooler Master 460 não tem absolutamente nada em comum com a Cooler Master Extreme Power Duo 550W. Não é o desligamento de um cooler que vai influenciar alguma coisa, mas eu trocaria a fonte.


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Cara acredito que mesmo que ela não forneça sua total potencia,vc não terá problemas...
Técnico literalmente viajou...
A 4870 não consome o absurdo que todos pensam,e seu sistema é basico então pode ficar tranquilo.


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pode ficar tranquilo.

Sim. Tão tranquilo quanto os consumidores abaixo da NewEgg:

Just RMA'd my second one, the fan dies, power supply overheats and pops, first lasted about 10 months 2nd one lasted about 7 months, this pc doesnt stay on 24/7 runs during the day and is off over night. Its only an AMD 2600 system with 2 hard drives and 2 cdrom drives, and an ATI 9600 pro, shouldnt be overloaded. I think its just bad fans I guess, who knows. (Brian)

mine happened to be from the "first batch" that had a "fan bearing" issue. causing the fan to eventually strike the grill repetedly and then quit working.
just search the coolermaster forum and you will find that they recommend a RMA.
problem is they do not offer a "advanced RMA" so you need to find a replacement power supply till you get yours back. (Wes)

I've had two of these power supplies now. First one fan went bad and burned after 3 months. RMA'd it and saved the second one for when I rebuilt my computer. Put it in in October 4 months later, the fan crapped out.

As with countless other reviews - the fan started making a grinding sound. Attempted to tweak the fan casing etc. - no effect. Now the fan no longer spins. Currently I cannot use it because the PSU overheats due to the fan no longer turning. Beginning the RMA process. Probably best to avoid the hassle, spend a bit more and not worry about your PSU burning out.

Died after only 13 months of use.

1st PSU failed in less than 9 months of use. Culprit? Fan. RMA'd it back. Got the replace. Opened it and ther was a huge dent on the side of the casing. Coolermaster has zero QC. Before I bought I conatcted the company, was assured of their quility standards. Not to be. The PSU is the heart of your system, stay away from this company. There is ZERO QC. (I still have one more that is normal--but my hopes are set too high. It'll likely fail too, just give it time). It's a waste of time, energy, money on the part of the customer. Buyer beware!

I bought 2 of these PSU's and both did the same weird things. When restarting they completely power down, not just restart like a normal PC but I mean the entire thing shuts off just like you would shutdown your PC normally. Then it SOMETIMES will restart, but others it will not until you turn it back on via the power button. Near as I can tell it's random and nothing in BIOS will change it. Who ever heard of a PSU that completely shuts off then turns back on when restarting? Worst yet you'll go nuts because you'll think you are restarting when bam, nothing. I tested them too with a PSU testor, and whats even worse is these were 2 completely different systems and yet the PSU's did the exact same thing. I would imagine it is probably a faulty chip or something which is why this is so cheap. I can't believe no one has mentioned it! I'll keep mine until it fries though...

I purchased the product over Christmas holiday to support a new video card with PCI-e in my son's machine. Seven months later, the fan starts, screeches, stops, then restarts. I doubt I can get an RMA at this point. The Cooler Master web site is a joke for support or even providing contact info.

It died after a week of semi-constant use. Was building a system for my mother-in-law with a E6550, a 8600GT, 2GB OZC RAM, 1 DVD burner and 1 SATA Hard drive, not a hard job for a PSU of this rating. After a week, it would not power the system for more than 5 seconds. Pulled a PSU from one of my systems and system powered fine.

it only lasted 40 days then every
thing went off got my old under
powered 380 watter out
will buy another brand

First, after about 8 months, the fan began scraping against the grating, making a horrible screeching noise on each pass. I fixed this by simply unscrewing the grating and inverting it which provided more clearance.

A few weeks ago the fan inside started making a weird nose. I have since stopped using it to power my system for fear of it corrupting my whole system.

i owner it!in almost 4 months but after it. i hear something loud when i checked my system unit. when i check it where did the loud noise came from is in the power supply the fan stock. so i replace with the new one!

Died after 45 days of use - figures, soon as the 30-Day Warranty runs out so does the power!

Loud fan buzzing noise, not 20db as advertised. RMA'd and second one same loud fan problem. Building a quiet PC.

Highly overrated power estimate.
Very noisy even at idle.
No 8-pin PCI-e only 6.
NO EPS power connector.
Not very efficient.

Just RMA'd my second one, the fan dies, power supply overheats and pops, first lasted about 10 months 2nd one lasted about 7 months, this pc doesnt stay on 24/7 runs during the day and is off over night. Its only an AMD 2600 system with 2 hard drives and 2 cdrom drives, and an ATI 9600 pro, shouldnt be overloaded. I think its just bad fans I guess, who knows

It died today, RIP. It was in use for about 1 year now its dead. Not sure of exact cause, but it made a pop noise, rig shut down and the magic smoke/smell came out. Buy a better unit. Looking at reviews this is a common issue with this supply.

Power supply went bad 8 months after purchase.

Had some faulty power rails.
One night, a power rail started to fail and I no longer could even "POST" the computer. So I removed 2 sticks of 4x1GB RAM and then it booted fine. After replacing the RAM with brand new sticks courtesy of Newegg, it still would not boot(No Post) with 4 GB of ram installed. I eventually took out the 2nd HD and then the computer boots fine. So definitely there is some power issues.

Mine makes a buzzing, humming kind of noise that is really annoying to me. If I turned the TV or music up enough it gets covered up, but I don't always want all that racket going on!

Too loud. It is the loudest fan in my system, most of the time it is the only fan I hear. I read from others that it was quiet, but has not been so for me. I have a Thermaltake 550W in one other system, and 2 generic PS in my two other systems. All are must more silent. CoolerMaster, you need to work on the DBA on this one.

I think Cooler Master has problems with Quality Control on this PSU. My fan spins at full speed at all times even with case open. It makes a LOT of noise. This was supposed to be a quiet PC, instead it makes more noise than my old PC due to this PSU. I can also hear a resonance noise made by the fan indicating that it is not mounted securely within the PSU. The fan is rotating at full speef and rattling within the PSU making even more noise. I would recommend purchasing another model or another manufacturer.


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Bom isso é relativo... tem gente do forum com seventeam 420bkv e 4870 sem problemas algum... ai vai depender muito do conjunto todo...
Isso vai de cada um,pelo - a fonte não vai explodir. E pelo que deu pra entender nos relatos acima,essa fonte da coolermaster apresenta problemas é com a fan dela...
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