de novoooo , outra bios nova K7s5a/lan 05/05/ :)


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é a mesma cheepobios chb0325f.rom ,mas tá sem a tela de "propaganda" antes do post , e ta com IRQ to VGA PCI "OFF" por default ...
alterei ela 05/05/2002 , estou testando com xp1600+ , 256ddr micron [email protected] , e num duron900 256pc133 [email protected] , testei bem os 2 micros , jogos, compactação de files, benckmark, uso de disco ... a bios está bem estável
quem quiser testar , blablabla usei por sua conta e risco e blablabla

o HPG não é la grandes coisas, a bios 050502lf.rom remod tá aqui:

tá compactada com winrar 3beta5 portugues (

segue info do TXT
+remod da excelente bios chb0325f.rom por coiote-sc +
+--------------------------------------------------- +
+-ALOQ IRQ TO VGA PCI "NO" by default +
+-no full screen on boot +
+-redated for 05/05/ +

# segue a descrição original de cheepobios...

CheepoBios 1.0 for K7S5A
Based on ECS 020325 Beta
chb0325.rom non-lan Version
chb0325l.rom lan version
chb0325f.rom lan version with fastwrites enabled (disable lan in bios Setup to use it on a non-lan board)

Release notes:

- Adjust timing for stability and compatibility

- FSB modes reprogrammed:

"100/100 MHz" changed from 99.6 to 100.9 MHz
"133/133 MHz" changed from 132.77 to 133.9 MHz
No more underclocking by default!

- Several FSB modes added. New list of available modes:

100/100 MHz
100/133 MHz
133/133 MHz -> Default modes

66/66 MHz (H/W Trap)
112/112 MHz
124/124 MHz
138/138 MHz
150/150 MHz
166/166 MHz -> Already present in the "OC" bios

107/107 MHz
133/100 MHz
143/143 MHz
147/147 MHz
133/166 MHz
160/120 MHz
200/200 MHz

Please note that the "166 MHz no-boot issue" hasn't been dealt with
in this bios modification. It seems that bios timings need to be adjusted to allow booting at such speed. This issue could also affect 160/120 and 200/200

- A few bios options have been enabled with amibcp. Please notice that none of these
settings have been fixed or reprogrammed at all.

- PCI Latency Timer (some people has reported it doesn't work in ECS 020325, though)
- PCI IDE busmaster
- Offboard PCI IDE card (might be useful for people using IDE/SCSI cards)
- PCI slot #1 to #4 IRQ priority

- And last but not least, silly logo added!

I wish to thank Jinxter, tw.p, Bench400 and Beheerder: deblokker mij, fellow bios modders
at for their useful ideas, discussion and testing

Cheepoman 28 April 2002

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