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Muito tem se falado do DOOM III e Half Life 2 como os Games sensação, e até com certa razão pois ambos estão para ser lançado, mas não podemos esquecer do S.T.A.L.K.E.R. que corre por fora e pode surpreender nos Games de ação, conforme podemos observar a seguir...
-Levels combining closed spaces as well as enormous open areas
-Visualization optimized for hardware TnL (both FF and shading capable parts)
-Continuous level of detail technology for all the geometry
-~100 000 polygons per frame at 60 fps on average hardware
-Detailed character models (500-10 000 polys)
-Powerful skeleton-based animation allows usage of motion-capture hardware and produces smooth and realistic motion of characters
-High-speed blended animation system capable of up to infinity number of bone interpolation & modulation
-SSE/3Dnow! Technologies used for skinning and forward kinematics
-Vertex shaders used on shading capable hardware
-Detail objects (grass/small stones/etc)
-Portal-style, non-linear subdivision based visibility detection system
-Optimized for T&L hardware in the way of grouping primitives to large-size batches
-Greatly reduces overdraw - which is the main slowdown on even high-level video boards
-Usage of antiportals (aka Occluders) for occlusion culling
-Intelligent hardware state caching technology
-Both Direct and Radiosity lighting models
-Colored dynamic lights and dynamic "soft" shadows
-Character shadowing
-Intelligent light sources selection, clipping, merging
-Makes possible more than 50 dynamic lights per frame at reasonable FPS-es
-Ordinary stuff: flares, coronas, etc
-Intelligent shader subsystem
-Dynamically generated textures
-Reflections, chrome effects, etc.
-VR-Simulation engine optimized for massive payload
-High-performance collision detection allowing simultaneous motion of large number of characters in high polygonal environment
-Realistic physics simulation (ballistic, motions, fluid engine, snow, rain, explosions, etc.)
-Motion compensation scheme
-Hides many visual artifacts produced by FPS-es instability
-Particle system with real physics
-High quality HRTF 3D-sound with clipping and partial wave tracing
-"Low-penalty" & "low-delay" reaction technology (less then 1ms to start HRTF 3D Sound Source to play)


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Como ja foi dito

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